Touring the Navajo Nation: Discovering Injustices

On my spring break road trip, my most eye-opening experience was our venture into the Navajo Nation Reservation. This was completely unplanned, as the route we meant to take to the Grand Canyon from Utah was closed. What I saw and learned on this drive opened me to the struggles and strengths of the Navajo people. I… Continue reading Touring the Navajo Nation: Discovering Injustices

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Southwest Road Trip; part 1

My last spring break as a college student has been a blast. I planned this trip about 3 months ago, but made sure to leave wiggle room. This trip, for me, was beautiful, spontaneous and very much eye-opening. Our trip itinerary: Sunday: Newport Beach-Catalina Island-Vegas On day 1, we left Oxnard at 5am to catch… Continue reading Southwest Road Trip; part 1


Car Camping and Traveling With Dogs

As a graduation gift, I have been privileged to become the owner of a Honda Fit. What particularly drew me to the model was its trademarked “magic seats”, which fold down flat completely. With a newfound way of traveling cheaply and to get more used to the car, my boyfriend and I (along with our… Continue reading Car Camping and Traveling With Dogs