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A short getaway to Big Bear Lake

With the ease of long distance travel nowadays, sometimes we tend to miss the places that are local to us. Big Bear Lake is only 3 hours away from where I live. Despite living in California my whole life, I’ve never yet visited the lake. We rented a cabin in the Moonridge neighborhood for 2… Continue reading A short getaway to Big Bear Lake

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Southwest Road Trip; part 1

My last spring break as a college student has been a blast. I planned this trip about 3 months ago, but made sure to leave wiggle room. This trip, for me, was beautiful, spontaneous and very much eye-opening. Our trip itinerary: Sunday: Newport Beach-Catalina Island-Vegas On day 1, we left Oxnard at 5am to catch… Continue reading Southwest Road Trip; part 1

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Visiting the American Deep South

Growing up in southern California and living in one of the most liberal cities in America, one can imagine that visiting the rural South for me could make me uncomfortable. In my social work studies, I’ve been shown many negative statistics about this area. Although statistics present one side of the story, I found that… Continue reading Visiting the American Deep South