A short getaway to Big Bear Lake

With the ease of long distance travel nowadays, sometimes we tend to miss the places that are local to us. Big Bear Lake is only 3 hours away from where I live. Despite living in California my whole life, I’ve never yet visited the lake.

We rented a cabin in the Moonridge neighborhood for 2 nights. Doing this saved us money and more time to relax, as we were able to cook all of our meals and enjoy the solitude of being in a cozy home.

Since it was just my boyfriend and I, we decided to rent a small fishing boat for 2 hours. A great thing about the lake is that it is not so large, making it easy to see much of it in a short amount of time.



We took a drive around the lake during sunset, making stops to sit and enjoy the view.


At the end of the day, we rode the Alpine Slide. It only costs $6 for one ride. I actually enjoyed the view from the lift up just as much as I enjoyed going down the slide.



The beautiful thing about traveling locally is the fact that it’s easy to visit again. There is a simplicity when you realize that you don’t have to get everything done so quickly, because you can come back. I look forward to visiting the lake again in another season, which I anticipate to be such a different experience.


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