What you learn from being away

I recently graduated and as many college grads do, decided to spend some time traveling before committing myself to a life of work. What’s weird is that before embarking on these trips, I was heavily job searching in my college town er, city for a job to be lined up for me when I came back. I thought this idea would be comfortable. However, nothing came up for me and I was just left to wing it after my travels.

My summer travels consisted of discovering my family’s past in the Philippines and immersing myself in the Spanish language in the Yucatan. Being away from my home country was already a life lesson in itself. I was so heavily addicted to competitiveness and the consistency of work, but when I went away and saw how other places live- I realized how much I was missing out on the things I really love.

Palawan, Philippines 

When I came back from the Yucatan I dreaded going back to my college town. Though it would be a good move in terms of “claiming my independence”, I ultimately decided it truly wasn’t for me. I became honest with myself and admitted that I wanted to move back to SoCal, save money living in a city with a lower COL and give back to my home community.

While this too is temporary, I have learned to try harder to maintain a balance of things in life. I am lucky through the privilege I have to be able to choose the balance I ultimately desire. An outside perspective from the American way of life helped me reconsider my true wants in life, long-term.


Port of Progresso in the Yucatan 

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