Southwest Road Trip; part 1

My last spring break as a college student has been a blast. I planned this trip about 3 months ago, but made sure to leave wiggle room. This trip, for me, was beautiful, spontaneous and very much eye-opening.

Our trip itinerary:

Sunday: Newport Beach-Catalina Island-Vegas

On day 1, we left Oxnard at 5am to catch our cruise to Catalina Island from Newport Beach.

Avalon Harbor on Catalina Island
Cutest little island trucks

The water at Catalina Island was so clear. I joked that we didn’t even need to snorkel to see marine life- we could see the fishes from out of the water!

Clear Catalina Island Waters
Carne Asada tacos on the Island- $1 tacos during happy hour!

Finally got to snorkel for the first time in my life!! Didn’t go as great as I’d hoped due to the water being cold and lacking a wetsuit. Plus freaking out a little when my body panicked and didn’t realize I was able to breathe while underwater! However, I still got to see marine life. It was intense to be in wading water but to still have 6 fish staring you in the face! I’m super excited to bring this hobby into my life.

Snorkeled at Lover’s Cove

Monday: Stayed in Vegas

Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity

Vegas was nice. I got to try the infamous frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity, drink some daiquiris and gamble $5 (woohoo, I know). I also got 12 hours of sleep, which I really needed for the next parts of the road trip.

Tuesday: Zion National Park

Our time in Zion was spent sightseeing, going on strenuous hikes and experiencing the beauty that Zion is. We hiked Angel’s Landing, the Riverside Walk to the opening of the Narrows (unfortunately, we didn’t have gear for the Narrows!) and hiking the Emerald Pools.

Angel’s Landing Hike in Zion National Park
It started snowing in Zion!
From Observation Point

It is insanely hard to find a camping spot at Zion. I recommend going during the off-season or reserving a spot more than 3 months in advance! While I am aware of the BLM land being plentiful, we were hesitant because of the wind and not knowing the terrain. So, we spent the night at the Walmart in Hurricane, in our comfy Honda fit backseat šŸ™‚

I will be continuing the rest of the trip on another post.


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