Inside the purge box:

This weekend, I was happily able to complete one of my most favorite and liberating household tasks– taking out my purge box.

purge box

Don’t know what a purge box is? It’s pretty much a box that you place unwanted items in. It’s a great way to get rid of items that have been taking up precious space or simply, items that you have been unsure of keeping.

I think going through a purge box is certainly an experience that allows one to reflect on the past purchases they made. Here are some items that I ended up getting rid of:

  • Portable wire shelf
  • Clothing items that didn’t fit- and that I was unsure would ever fit!
  • Plastic storage containers
  • Nail polishes
  • Magazines
  • Pastels

After going through the purge box, I realize that many of these items are things that should have been gone in the first place. The clothing items, magazines and nail polishes are all things that I knew I would not touch anymore- so what was the point in keeping them for so long? Just get rid of them; no more second guessing. My “organizational” products such as the wire shelf and storage containers ended up taking more space than they should have! They also also encouraged me to fill them up, therefore making me even more cluttered. Lastly, my pastels show that we sometimes hold on to things as a placeholder for what we would like to accomplish someday. With this item, I wanted to create art, but never ended up doing it. The more I kept these pastels, the more I felt guilty for not beginning an art project. They’d probably fare better in the hands of someone that would actually give them the attention they need.

Purging a purge box is definitely an experience that anyone- whether minimalist or not- should go through. It helps anyone that is living in this age of consumerism define themselves apart from their purchases.


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