Following your intuition

As I’m nearing the end of my junior semester of my college years, I realize how lucky I am to be happy with where I’m at in my life. Oftentimes, I feel like many students, go through their college years under so much pressure academically, socially and work wise. Despite the pressure that one may feel from those around them, keep in mind that it is only you who knows exactly what your desires are. Your choices should not be formed by trying to please those around you.

The beginning of my college years started rough, as I strayed away from the pressure of “high academics” and decided to take on the route of community college. I did this due to the feeling within myself that the time was just not right. The simple question I asked myself to which I only allowed a yes or no answer was, do I really want to go to this college? Family was certainly disappointed in my choice and relented my decision in the months to come- I, however, knew that it felt right. Two years later, I find myself as a transfer student at UC Berkeley; I now feel that this is certainly the right place for me to finish up my higher education.

Case in point is that I followed what I felt was right for myself, despite the pressures that surrounded me. For those that feel conflicted within societal, familial or peer pressure- remember that it’s your life in the end and that you know what’s best for yourself.


2 Replies to “Following your intuition”

  1. This is a good point and it’s something that I do think about as a high schooler. I sometimes feel as if I should force myself to take harder classes because of my peers and it’s definitely frustrating when I realize that I shouldn’t care about what they do but instead what I want to do. But then again, I have no clue what I want to do so I take a bunch of APs with the reasoning that I might need it. But great post! it definitely made me think more about doing what’s best for me 🙂


    1. Thanks for the comment! I went through the same conflict with the AP classes in high school! I know how it feels, to be placed on the AP track when you aren’t even sure of what your future holds (I’ve concluded so far that don’t think we’ll ever know :P) However, great logic with taking the AP classes anyways, I do think they serve as a great challenge for college. There’s some things I still use from my AP classes in my uni classes today!


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